The Big Apple Craze

The famous New York City cupcakes and delectable delights now invade Doha!

Magnolia bakery is credited with starting a 1990’s “cupcake craze” with its signature pastel-colored buttercream-frosted versions. But do note that the bakery is not only known for its cupcakes. They also offer cakes, banana pudding, muffins, pies, cookies, brownies, bars and icebox desserts. All are freshly baked from scratch!

Magnolia Bakery was featured on Sex and the City when Carrie and Miranda devoured those pink frosted cupcakes. Also on other shows such as Saturday Night Live, Spin City, Veronica Mars, the movie The Devil wears Prada and Prime.

I personally found out about Magnolia Bakery during my visit in Dubai, June 2011. It was their first non-U.S. store opened in 2010. My friend highly recommended that I should not go back to Doha without bringing some. And she was definitely right! I became a fan since!

IMG_0427Since then I’ve been craving for their red velvets. Then finally the long wait is over! I was invited to join and celebrate the grand opening of their biggest store last week, located at Dar Al Salam Mall.

IMG_5349 IMG_5348IMG_0498 IMG_0489IMG_5296 IMG_5298

[FREE mini cupcakes, cookies, bars and brownies]

  IMG_5300 IMG_5309

                                [Friendly staff!]                                     [Ooopsies! I just love ’em!]

IMG_5303[Banana Pudding and Red Velvet Cupcake are just sweet heaven!]

IMG_0484   IMG_5314-A

[Ribbon cutting by Bobbie Lloyd  -Magnolia Bakery’s President and “Chief Baking Officer”]IMG_0488 IMG_5322 IMG_5335 IMG_5328

[Bright and colorful cupcakes start from QAR 17]

  IMG_5338 IMG_5319 IMG_5337

[Lovely signs]

IMG_0491   IMG_0494IMG_5341  IMG_5342

[Mini Cheesecakes start from QAR 29]

  IMG_5340  IMG_5343

[Banana Puddings from QAR 29]                                            [Cake slices from QAR 24]

IMG_5332-A   IMG_5336

[There was an icing demonstration]

 IMG_5347    IMG_5307IMG_0496

[Other products are also available for purchase too!]

Visit them SOON! Don’t miss their Banana Pudding and Red velvet cupcakes (my faves!). 🙂

For more information about Magnolia Bakery:


Facebook page:

Twitter:                       @magnoliaQTR

How to get there:


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  1. MAbel dionglay says:

    drool…keep blogging

    1. Danielle says:

      Thanks sis!! Will do. 😉

  2. hooriya13 says:

    AMAZING! I am already droooling ❤

    1. Danielle says:

      Thanks dear!! 🙂 After posting this, I wanna head down the bakery. :))

  3. Flying Food Ninja says:

    Dani I love this post and your pics are fantastic!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Sally!! I really appreciate that!🤗

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