The 5 million star hotel

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After months of planning and with the luck of booking the last bubble, we’ve finally arrived the so-called Buubble hotel. Another tick off the bucket list, to spend the night in a bubble in the middle of a forest in Iceland.

Here you’ll see our one of a kind experience:



Into the woods.


The Service House (Hark og Hamingja) is located close to all bubbles. There you’ll find two toilets, two showers, kitchen facilities and dining area.



Sneak peek of our bubble.

This 5 Million Star Hotel is your chance to sleep inside a clear-plastic bubble, out in the wilderness amongst nature, watch the stars lit up and get a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis at the comfort of your bed.


Thorunn – our bubble for the night.

Inside the bubble are a double bed, nightstand, outlets to recharge devices, a lamp, and a heater (although the heating system that time couldn’t cover the entire buubble. It still felt cold during later evening.) Also, there’s no Wi-Fi. The purpose is solely to enjoy the experience of being with nature.IMG_3942

Around 8PM, the Aurora forecast read “4 (Active)” and the clouds cover shows clear. It means there’s a great chance to see the Northern lights. There we waited. Minutes turned into hours, but still no sighting of any blue or green lights. Then suddenly, we noticed a bright yellow ray of light surrounding us. We were weirded out what it was, where was it coming from.. was it a spotlight? But it seems too bright for that!IMG_3948IMG_3950IMG_3962Little did we know that what we saw were the northern lights! We found out after we spoke with Sigga (the owner) the next day, when she asked if we saw the lights. She confirmed that, THAT is the regular color of the Northern lights! People usually look for the rare greens, blue, pink or purple. So at that very moment, we were witnessing Aurora Borealis all along, to think we were complaining all night! hahaha 😀

Around 4AM same day, I woke up and saw faint green glow of light clouds that kept on changing. I took out my DSLR to test if it is what I think it is. Again, Aurora’s dancing right in front of me! IMG_3984

So I got up, geared up, went out of the tent, set up the tripod, ignored the -1C freezing weather and took as many shots as I can.IMG_3989


Sat still for 30 seconds for a couple of times under the freezing weather to get this shot. XD


Literally a 5 million star hotel. 🙂


Imagine falling asleep to a view like that. Surreal!

What an incredible experience! That dream of sleeping in nature whilst enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime wonder, Aurora Borealis,  became reality. Waking up to it was one of the greatest feeling.IMG_4014IMG_4054IMG_4106

How to get there?

The exact address isn’t provided until you book your stay. It’s 70 min drive / 93 km from Reykjavik in Iceland. It is close by Reykholt in Blaskogabyggd.

When did we go?

End of October 2016. It is advisable to visit Iceland to catch the Northern Lights from September until April.

How much was our stay?

ISK 29,900 (roughly QAR 1,000 / US$ 284 /EUR 240) for one night in a bubble for 2 people.


Check-in: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Check-out: 11:00am




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