Eating Amsterdam: beyond herring, stroopwafels and fries

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I love food as much as I love travel. A culinary experience is essential to me on every trip. When planning my itinerary, food discovery is always the priority. Exploring a city or a country is incomplete if I haven’t tried any of its local dishes. The Netherlands is not internationally well-known for their cuisine. Before traveling to this country, I must admit, the ones that I know about are just herring, stroopwafels and fries. I haven’t actually tried any local dish other than the last two mentioned. Until when I returned last June, I booked a food & canal cruise tour with Eating Amsterdam. We had an amazing food tour in Rome a few years back that I decided to book with them again. Although I won’t be revealing the details of all these gems I discovered, I’ll show you the mouth-watering dishes that’s beyond stroopwafels and fries. Here’s to eating Amsterdam! ๐Ÿ™‚


1.        Appeltaart (Dutch apple pie)

This set the bar high for other apple pies out there. It was a great first apple pie experience! The traditional crumble cake-like crust, filled with cinnamon, citrus-y thin apple slices combined with their homemade whipped cream is just perfection. It’s really divine! You’ll enjoy each bite in this 1642 cosy bruine kroeg (brown pub). A great start off the tour. 

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2.        Gouda / Boerenkaas (Gouda / Farmer’s Cheese)

Gouda is a mild flavored semi-hard yellow cheese made from cow’s milk. It is one of the most popular cheeses worldwide. We tried Gouda / Boerenkaas (Gouda/farmer’s cheese), Meshangerkaas (young soft), Komijnekaas (young ith cumin seeds) and Jumbo kaas (2 years old).

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3.        Various cold cuts (Ossenworst, Smoked sausages, Ham)

This century old family-owned business offers artisan sausages and meat products. The Ossenworst is smoked sausage, typically beef and spices in beef casing, that’s nearly raw when eaten. Kinda resembles like steak tartare, quite soft and tender on the tongue. Their smoked sausages are packed with flavors! It’s so delicious that I bought some extra to take back with me to enjoy for the rest of my stay in Holland. ๐Ÿ™‚

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4.        Surinamese and Indonesian food

Kroepoek (prawn crackers), similar to a Filipino snack, was served as an appetizer. Made me miss home. ๐Ÿ™‚ We were also served Sate Ayam (Chicken satay) with peanut sauce. Most wouldn’t know, Amsterdam is known for its abundance of Indonesian and Surinamese cuisine. It’s a good introduction for those unfamiliar with these cuisines.

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5.        Haring (Brined Herring)

This brined herring was served alongside chopped onions and pickles. It’s like eating sashimi, incredibly fresh! For those who hasn’t tried herring yet, don’t take your chance at a random stand, this is the perfect place to try it for the first time.

6.        Kibbeling (Deep fried cod), A taste of tulip vodka

This beer-battered cod were served fresh out of the fryer paired with a remoulade. The moistest, juiciest and tastiest fried fish I’ve ever tasted. It’s so good that I came back for it when I returned two months after and would return whenever in Amsterdam. ๐Ÿ™‚ Both the Harring and Kibbeling are sold at this fish shop. All fish that this store sells are freshly purchased which means that the quality remains high and the taste is always top-notch!

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7.        Bitterballen (Dutch meatballs)

We munch on one of Holland’s favorite snacks, these deep fried bread-crumbed balls with a ragout filling of veal meat) served with their local craft beer Brouwerij ‘t IJ while enjoying the view of Amsterdam on De Zonneboot (Salon boat). A different perspective and unique way to see Amsterdam.

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8.        Poffertjes (small pancakes) 

These tiny fluffy pancakes are topped in a slab of melted butter snowed with icing sugar can be paired with their mint tea or hot chocolate. I’m not a sweet tooth but I loved it! What a way to end our food tour.

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We ate our way through the streets of Amsterdam thanks to our enthusiastic guide Rudolph. It was definitely a memorable experience!

If you are interested to discover a variety of Dutch dishes along with its history, you’ll definitely enjoy this food tour. Discovering hidden gems, specialty shops and restaurants around Jordaan was a great non-touristic way to know more of Amsterdam. Oh, make sure to arrive on an empty stomach, trust me! You’ll leave with a taste of Dutch culinary traditions and a glimpse of the area’s unique community.


Jordaan Food & Canal Tour – €115 (Tour we booked)
Jordaan Food Tour – €79
A Taste of Amsterdam at Twilight – €95

For more details, visit their website:
Eating Amsterdam


Disclaimer: All thoughts and information stated are based on my experience. All photographs are by Flights and Flavours.


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