A Splendid Japanese Dining experience at Megu Doha

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A few months ago, I went along with my blogger friend Karen to attend Megu Dohas new menu launch. For my first visit, I truly enjoyed it! Megu Doha was generous enough to give us a complimentary lunch or dinner for two, to further try out what their restaurant can fully offer.

The restaurant

恵み (pronounced as MEGUmi) means “blessing” in Nihongo / Japanese. It first opened in New York City, then the brand expanded internationally to Gstaad, New Delhi, Moscow, and here in Doha, situated in a posh setting at the iconic The Pearl Qatar.

Megu Doha

You can easily spot Megu.

Megu Doha

This lift takes you up to the restaurant.

After alighting the lift, as we walked into the restaurant, “Irasshaimase!” (いらっしゃいませ!) was uttered in unison by all the staff. Brought me back to when I traveled Japan.

Megu Doha

Modern, chic interiors

Megu Doha

There is a sleek sushi bar.

The main dining room is set well-padded and comfortable. They also offer private dining rooms for special occasions.

IMG_1603.jpgMegu DohaMegu Doha

Megu Doha

Menu is presented in a tablet.

The Megu experience has always been known as over the top, provides outstanding food, brilliant design and first class service.

What we ordered:

Tuna carpaccio salad (Thinly sliced tuna dressed with wasabi mayo)

  • These dishes are meant to be shared at the table.

Ebi sinjo (Deep fried minced squid and shrimp with cabbage, onion, wasabi served with tonkatsu sauce)

Ebi furai (Deep fried golden breaded shrimp served with tartar and tonkatsu sauce)

What’s not to love about MEGU kanzuri shrimp, battered and coated with a blend of their kanzuri red chili sauce and piri-kara dressing. - my favorite!

  • Having visited Japan twice this year, Megu by far serves ramen closest to the authentic taste. It's legit! 🙂

Shoyo ramen (Japanese wheat noodles in soy based soup)

  • A selection of stone grill items, we went with the following:

Kagerou wagyu beef steak (Perfectly cooked on a sizzling hot river stone with kagerou sauce for dipping [which to be honest isn't needed as the meat is so flavorful!] One of the best dishes on the menu and my favorite!

Grilled seafood trio butteryaki (Mixed grilled seafood [scallops, salmon, and shrimps] served on a bed of pan fried vegetables)

Wasabi lobster (Lobster marinated on a special creamy miso and wasabi baked to perfection, served with sautéed mixed capsicum)

  • It's quite often you find a good quality and fresh sashimis in Qatar. These sashimis are like the ones I tried in Tsukiji Market (築地市場, Tsukiji shijō) in Tokyo, Japan. The quality was exceptional!

Maguro toro (fatty tuna)

Sake (salmon)

Unagi (freshwater eel) Oh. My. Goodness!

  • This is a delicious ebi tempura and avocado rolled in crunchy tempura flakes topped with teriyaki and unagi sauce, are all packed with various ingredients whose textures complement each other.

A.J. dynamite roll

  •  The desserts didn't disappoint as well. Being a matcha lover, of course I left some space to try the Green tea Crème Brulee and Green tea cheesecake. Green tea goodness!

Green tea cheese cake

Green tea crème brulee (Popular and classic rich custard infused with green tea flavor topped with thin brittle caramelized sugar and diced fruits). Might not look good but it's boasting with flavors!

Alcohol has been restricted in restaurants at The Pearl since 2011, that brought impact to Megu. Despite of the ban, I’m glad they still re-opened as it is hard to find an authentic Japanese restaurant here in Qatar despite the rising of Japanese cuisine over the last few years. Megu deserves a long run, competing as it does with the others.

For more details on what the restaurant offers, click:
Megu Doha menu

Megu Doha is currently on The Entertainer and MyBook too until December 30, 2017!



Weekdays – 12PM – 2:30PM / 7PM – 11:30PM
Weekends – 12PM – 11:30PM

Contact details:

+974 4409 5237

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Disclaimer: This was a complimentary dinner. All thoughts and information stated are based on my experience at the time of visit. All photographs are by Flights and Flavours.


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