Sugar & Spice… oh so nice!

Sugar & Spice
Location: Lagoona Mall, Qatar

Tired of the usual cafés or looking for new sweet treats? Sugar & Spice is the place to be.

While walking around the mall, you’ll be fascinated with this little café. Simple decors with chic mismatched furniture is truly lovely! Some of it were souvenirs from places where the owner had traveled and others are antiques.

(Forgive the photos, using a mobile phone. :-))

The menu offer varieties of food you can choose from. From these little sugar bites…
Double fudge cookies (QR 6/piece), Toffee bites (QR 7/piece), Rocky Road bars (QR 11/piece)
Black Bottom (QR 5/piece), Lemon Bars (QR 6/piece)

Cupcakes (QR 12/piece)

…to salads (QR38 – QR52), sandwiches (QR40 – QR52), fondue (QR55 – QR65), special ice cream (QR28 – QR32), and slices of cakes.

I don’t have a sweet tooth so I’m pretty particular with desserts or sweet treats I eat. There’s these amazing cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery I discovered in Dubai (more on that later) that I’ve been craving for quite a while and I haven’t found any shop here that came close to its taste. So upon seeing the red velvet, I got really excited! Without hesitation, we ordered a red velvet cake slice to share (the last slice left) and a Shirley Temple for my aunt.

Not bad for QR 26, really HUGE!!! It’s moist and almost-like Magnolia’s but the icing is a bit too sweet for me. But overall.. Heaven! 🙂

See how huge that is!?

Lovin’ their table setting too!

Even up to the last detail, the check holder is pretty unique. 😉

This recently opened Lebanese-owned café has this certain je ne sais quoi that charms everyone. A perfect, cozy, chic atmosphere to dine in and enjoy a chat with your family or friends.

Definitely I’d come back! ‘will be trying their huge bowl of salad and the highly recommended Cheesecake next time. Can’t wait!

La Dolce Vita!


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